Rambam / The Society for Danish Jewish History was founded in 1980.

It is open to all who are interested in danish jewish history and who wish to support the Society’s purpose which is to:

* promote interest in danish jewish history by initiating and supporting research in the field.
* arrange for relevant materials to be preserved.
* publish books, papers and information on projects.
* coordinate work of the members and assist them with advice and guidance .

The Society:

The Society for Danish Jewish History provides knowledge about danish jewish history and culture. The Society was founded in 1980 and currently has ca. 250 members .

The Society arranges approx. 6 lectures and events per year. The Society cooperates with other cultural associations .

The Society publishes  the journal “RAMBAM”, which is sent out to members in November-December.

The Society for Danish Jewish History is a member of the Dansk Historisk Fællesråd (The Danish Historical Confederation) and the International Association of Jewish Genealogical Societies

For information or application for membership you are welcome to contact us here